Aliens Invade Theaters with ‘MEN IN BLACK’ 22 Years Ago Today (7/2)

Will Smith continued his 4th of July/Alien box office dominance with Men in Black.

In 1996 Will Smith toppled the box office July 4th weekend with Independence Day. He would return in 1997 with another alien-based flick, Men In Black. This time around Smith played “Agent J,” well he comes the agent after being selected by Tommy Lee’s “Agent K” as the latest recruit for the MIB. The duo are tasked with finding a missing galaxy hidden in a cat’s collar and save it before an intergalactic war breaks out.

The film had a $90 million budget and did big business at the box office with $589.3 million worldwide, $250.6 million of that in the US alone. The success of Men In Black spawned two direct sequels Men In Black 2 (2002) and Men In Black III (2012). A relaunch to the films is set for release this year with Men In Black International starring Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson.

[Cover Photo: Away! / PR Photos]