15 Years Ago: Metallica Doc SOME KIND OF MONSTER Opens

The documentary that split many fans of the band had its first screenings 15 years ago today – July 9, 2004. The first screenings of the film happened in New York and Los Angeles.

SOME KIND OF MONSTER was set around Metallica making the St. Anger album. Directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky wanted a no-holds-barred look at Metallica and, yeah, we got that. Infighting between band members, the ‘power struggle’ between Hetfield and Ulrich, an appearance by Dave Mustaine to talk about his exit from the band, and the addressing of the departure of Jason Newsted all culminated in very real look what it’s like to be in a band for so long.

Some fans loved the film while others thought it put the band in a bad light. Some Kind of Monster would go on to win the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature.

[Cover Photo: Herring]