Facebook Group Wants to ‘Storm’ Area 51

There’s a Facebook Event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” and more than 165,000 people say they’ll show up to the ‘event’ on September 20th.

We’re thinking that a majority of the 165,000 RSVP’d were joking about attending the event.

Area 51 is used as a testing ground for planes secret intelligence projects. However, many believe the site to house captive aliens and is linked to many government conspiracies.

It should be noted that the last person who tried to get into Area 51 in January was shot dead by guards. So even though the idea is ‘they can’t stop all of us’ they will stop a good percentage. Also, the Facebook group lays out the plans of the ‘attack’ so we think they will be more than prepared for September 20.

[Cover Photo: Pixabay]


Facebook event invites thousands of ‘alien hunters’ to storm Area 51

A viral Facebook event invites anyone brave enough to infiltrate America’s most secretive and secure military base in the Nevada desert on September 20 Most of the people who RSVP’d yes to the conspicuous event were likely joking DailyMail.com has reached out to the Nevada Testing and Training Range –