Mother Charged with Felony for Videoing Daughter Licking Tongue Depressor, Putting it Back

The sick and sad viral trend of licking products, then putting them back on the shelf is still a thing. However one mother is facing serious charges due to it.

According to USA TODAY, Cori E. Ward shot a Snapchat video of her daughter licking a tongue depressor then putting it back on the counter at theĀ All About Kids and Families Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

The video was captioned ‘Don’t tell me how to live my life’ in response to a sign in the background stating ‘Please don’t touch medical supplies! Thank you!’

While the video was shared Ward’s private Snapchat, the video went viral on Facebook and local authorities got a hold of it.

Ward now faces a charge of ‘tampering a consumer product without regard for possible death or bodily injury’ which is a felony in Florida.

[Cover Photo: Pixabay]