Goodbye Selfie Stick. Hello, Selfie Drone

Technology is ever changing and while some search for the perfect selfie, there’s now help to get that perfect angle.

Air Pix is a selfie drone. Yep, the selfie stick is obsolete now.

Connecting via bluetooth to your phone, Air Pix will follow you around to take photos and video of just about everything you do. (It’s like big brother but on a whole different level)

The drone has a 12 megapixel camera on board to capture all your action shots and can even record video in HD. You know, so you have that perfect Instagram video of you failing hardcore 😉

Air Pix is not on the market yet. The product has met its crowdfunding goals and is going into production soon. When released, you can expect Air Pix to cost around $99.

[Photo: Pixabay] (Daily Motion)


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