Mustard Flavored Ice Cream. Sure, Why Not?

In honor of National Mustard Day (Saturday, August 3rd) French’s teamed up with an ice cream company to make a mustard flavored ice cream.

Coolhaus Ice Cream created the limited-edition Mustard Ice Cream for the occasion. As you can imagine the ice cream is yellow like mustard. From those who have tried it, the range of reviews are from ‘completely disgusting’ to ‘pleasantly surprised.’

Sadly Coolhaus only has locations in LA, New York, and the Hamptons so we won’t be able to try it even on a weekend road trip.

Would you try it?

[Photo: Pixabay]

This Mustard Ice Cream Is Very Polarizing

In 2018, the Internet nearly broke with the news that a Scottish ice cream shop, Ice Falkirk, had added a Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise flavor to its menu. Some customers were brave enough to try it and found it to be “really nice, creamy, and rich;” others were horrified.