Ringo Starr Loves ‘Abbey Road’ Remasters, ‘Fed Up’ With Alternate Takes

Ringo Starr says he loves the sound of the soon-to-be announced remaster of The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

I’ve loved all the re-releases ’cause of the remastering and because you can hear the drums. Usually, if anything was gonna get lost, they dial down the drums in the old days. I played the Abbey Road one — I love it! I love the remasters

However he gets frustrated hearing those alternate takes that were ultimately rejected.

I mean, I get a bit fed up, personally, with all those, like, ‘Take 9’ or ‘Take 3’; y’know, the odd takes that we didn’t put out, but, it’s part of the box set, so you’re gonna have to do stuff like that now.

The ‘Abbey Road’ remastered version has been talked about by both Ringo and Paul McCartney but no date has been given for the release. CLICK HERE for the rumored track listening of the various editions of the release.

[Cover Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos]