Guy Falls Asleep in Dumpster, Ends Up in Garbage Truck

A Pennsylvania man instantly regretted his decision to take a nap inside a dumpster on Monday when he woke up in the back of a garbage truck on the way to the dump.

The driver loaded the dumpster into the truck then heard screaming coming from the back. He opened up a side door and saw the man struggling to get out. The driver was unable to get him out himself, so he called police.

The man told cops he’d gotten separated from his friend the night before and needed a place to sleep. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Pennsylvania man rescued from garbage truck after falling asleep in dumpster, officials say

A man in Pennsylvania was living a nightmare early Monday after he fell asleep inside a dumpster and woke up screaming inside a garbage truck, officials said. The unidentified man told police he had gotten separated from a friend the night before and needed a place to go to sleep, choosing the nearby dumpster, Pittsburgh Public Safety Officer Cara Cruz said in a statement.