Samuel L. Jackson is The New Voice of Alexa

Have you ever wanted to ask Alexa for the current weather, movie times, or to play something and then get cursed out? You about to be able to!

Amazon announced yesterday (9/25) that Samuel L. Jackson will be the first celebrity to lend his or her voice to its Alexa virtual assistant.

Yep! You’ll be able to have Mr. Jackson be your assistant at home, work, on the go, etc. But what about all the cursing we’re sure he’ll be doing? You can choose between two versions — a clean one and an explicit one. There is an introductory cost of 99 cents and then the price will increase to $4.99.

To prompt the actor’s voice, users need to say, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” Right now there’s not a whole lot to it so we’ll have to wait until Sam goes live.


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Samuel L. Jackson will be your Alexa voice later this year! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 Info on our website.

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[Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos]