Make Pizza in 60 Seconds Thanks To New Gadget

Hungry? Don’t want to wait? Now you don’t have to.

Delivery can take 30 minutes and frozen pizza can take longer thanks to having to warm the oven up. But thanks to Ooni Karu oven you can make pizza in 60 seconds. (Yeah, you read that right)

The Easy Bake Oven on steroids heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit… oh and it’s portable! So Pizza on the go is totally doable.

Instant ovens add convenience and subtract fun from pizza

Ooni, the Scottish outdoor pizza oven company, is crowd-funding another campaign on Kickstarter-and this time it’s like an EasyBake oven on steroids. The new oven is called the . It’s a wood and charcoal-fire pizza oven that heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit-and oh, it’s portable.

[Photo: Pixabay]