Where Does Illinois Rank for Miserable Winters?

Let’s face it: WINTER IS HERE. Sure the snow hasn’t really hit Central Illinois yet but the cold temperatures have! Winters here can be pretty miserable. Remember last year when the Wind Chill was around -40?!?! Yeah, miserable!

So where do we rank on the Thrillist list of Most Miserable Winter States?

13th actually! And here’s why…

Chicago winters are notoriously rough (and yes, occasionally Siberia-esque), but the people there have the kind of warm and generous spirit that leads to displays of solidarity like… fighting over whether or not a pair of plastic lawn chairs constitutes indefinite rights to a shoveled out parking place post-snowfall. Downstate things tend not to be quite as bad, other than, you know, the fact that you’re in downstate Illinois. Keeping Illinois from an even worse ranking: most of the time the state’s pretty on-point as far as snow removal goes, and everyone’s pretty good at drinking enough to convince themselves that the Bears are on the brink of a dynasty.

The Top 10 follows as such:

10. Massachusetts

9. Montana

8. Idaho

7. Wisconsin

6. South Dakota

5. Maine

4. North Dakota

3. Alaska

2. Michigan


1. Minnesota

See the full list… Thrillist.

[Photo: Pixabay]