Spain Workers to be Docked for Smoke Breaks

Are you a nonsmoker and have ever made a comment about how many ‘breaks’ for smoker coworkers take? In Spain those smokers are getting docked for that time now.

Recent Spain law requires that companies record when employees enter and leave a workplace. The original intention was to prevent companies from exploiting workers and unpaid overtime, a major issue in the country.

The consequence of the new law is that smokers were then monitored for when they went outside for a ‘smoke break’ during work hours. Energy Galp implemented a policy that those employees would be docked pay for their ‘breaks.’

Trade unions took issue with this for their member in court but Spain’s high court relied on a previous ruling saying workers do not have the right to a paid cigarette or coffee break.

More on this story via BBC.


[Cover Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay]