Rock 96.7’s Christmas Free Guarantee

Rock 96.7 is making a promise to you — NO HOLIDAY MUSIC!!!!

You’ve been hearing it since before Halloween. Heck there were radio stations flipping their formats to all Christmas on Halloween itself. (YUCK!) So we’re going to Scrooges this year and play none of it. But if Kyle or Styles decide to go rogue and break that promise, we will reward you for calling us out.

We have the all-new Sega Genesis Mini game consoles and gift cards to Mega Replay in Bloomington. If a holiday song gets played, be caller 9 while the song is playing to reach in Santa’s sack to see what you’ll score!

The Christmas Free Guarantee starts on Thanksgiving Day and goes through Christmas Day itself!

Official rules below. READ THEM so you understand the official contest hours because we can’t control what Bob & Tom do.



  • Contest open November 28, 2019 to December 25, 2019
  • Contesting hours* are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:59 PM
  • Any “holiday song” played during Bob & Tom does not apply or count towards contest
  • If WIHN-FM/Rock 96.7 plays a “holiday song” during contesting hours*, listeners are to call 309-867-9696.
  • Caller 9 will be awarded a price from “Santa’s sack”
  • Prizes are awarded at random
  • Contest is open to listeners 18 or older in the WIHN-FM terrestrial listening area.
  • General Station Contest rules apply. Click Here for them.