Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Li will provide a monthly health tip which you can read up on below. For more information on Dr. Lawrence Li and his practice, check out his website HERE

Dr. Lawrence Li and the Orthopedic & Shoulder Center is located at 2200 Fort Jesse Road, Suite 250 in Normal. 

You can also give him a call at 309-888-9800. 


Dr. Li’s Health Tip: Keeping Your Bones and Joints Young

As we get older our bodies change in many ways from an Orthopedic standpoint. These include losing muscle mass, stiffening of our tendons and ligaments, and weakening of our bones. Here are some tips to keep your muscles, bones, and joints youthful.


Dr. Li Helps Ryan With His Knee

Ryan had the chance to meet with Dr. Lawrence Li of the Orthopedic & Shoulder Center earlier today for a knee examination. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, Dr. Lawrence Li can help! You can contact Dr. Li at 309-888-9800. Check out the video below!


Dr. Li’s Health Tips 1-3

Health Tip #3 Health Tip on preventing Spring Injuries After a cold winter, everyone is excited to go outside and enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Spring is a common season for injuries so follow these tips to stay healthy. Whether you are running, biking, or even power walking, ease into it gradually. Slowly increase the…